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Islotes de Puñihuil Natural Monument

In 1999 the Islets of Puñihuil were declared a Natural Monument because they are an important place for the reproduction of a mixed colony of Humboldt and Magellan penguins, a phenomenon that cannot be observed in many places in Chile. They also house several other birds and sea otters.

To protect this ecosystem, boating is regulated by a municipal ordinance that limits the number of departures per day.

In 1999 the 3 little islets of Puñihuil were declared Natural Monument because they are an important site for the reproduction of the Humboldt and the Magellanic penguins. A mixed penguin colony like this is not very common in Chile. In addition, the islets are the habitat for several other birds and also marine otters.

In order to protect this particular eco system, the boat trips are operated in accordance with a local regulation which limits the number of tours per day.


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